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22 january 2018
Jean-Laurent Bonnafé et Hans-Walter Peters

Joint FBF-BdB declaration on the 55th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty

The Franco-German Treaty of Friendship (also known as the Elysée Treaty) was signed on 22 January 1963 and is an outstanding political achievement. After centuries of “hereditary enmity” and numerous costly wars between France and Germany, the treaty finally laid the cornerstone for close Franco-German cooperation.

13 december 2017
Finance Innovation

“Innovating in finance innovation: banks double up on the digital revolution”

Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani signs a tribune in the latest white paper of the Pôle Finance Innovation : "Fonction Finance : 140 innovations au service de la croissance".

11 december 2017
Bank & Climate

The French banking industry launches a call to accelerate the funding of energy transition

The French Banking Federation (FBF) has launched a call to European and national public authorities to roll out a new, innovative tool, the Green Supporting Factor, to go faster and further in funding of energy transition.

06 december 2017

Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani’s testimony at the annual ORSE conference

This conference was intended to promote the publication of a guide on the theme "ESG Criteria: Integration in Financing, Investment and Services for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - The Approaches of Financial Actors".

04 december 2017
Digital transformation

Digital transformation of the economy: how can we go further?

The French Banking Federation held a morning-long forum on funding the intangible, a key topic in the digital transformation of the economy. Entrepreneurs, bankers, legal and accounting professionals, public authorities, and experts had the opportunity for dialogue, moving forward together in understanding the issues, sharing diagnostics, and proposing desirable pathways to improvement.



PSD2 and security issues 20 december 2017

PSD2 and security issues

Memo n° 8 - The French Banking Federation has published a memo on the Payment Services Directive PSD2 and the issues of security for customer data and payment systems.

Memo-8-DSP2-EN.pdf [753 ko]

The French banking sector - Facts and Figures 08 december 2017

The French banking sector - Facts and Figures

Find the main figures of the French banking sector - september 2017.

Fact-and-figures-december2017.pdf [682 ko]

Banks and Climate 11 december 2017

Banks and Climate

The French Banking Federation publishes a reference document "Banks & Climate" which lists the actions of French banks in the fight against climate change.

Banks & Climate .PDF [1781 ko]

Financing companies 12 december 2017

Financing companies

The French Banking Federation has published a memo on the financing of businesses.

Memo 06 - Financing companies.pdf [885 ko]

Employment in banks 17 october 2017

Employment in banks

The French Banking Federation has published a memo on employment in the French banking industry.

Memo-05-EN.PDF [934 ko]